1751 Orchard Lane, Brentwood, California

(925) 276-2211

Newberry Cherry Farm

Welcome to Newberry Cherry Farm

Play by the Rules


  • Buckets: We have 5-gallon buckets and 2-gallon buckets available and lined with bags. The 5-gallon buckets hold approximately 30 pounds of cherries. The 2-gallon buckets hold up to 12 pounds of cherries.

  • Cash Only

  • Climbing: Please DO NOT climb the trees and do not pull on the branches. Ladders are available AT YOUR OWN RISK.

  • Picnicking: Setting up a picnic inside of the orchard is not allowed. HOWEVER,  there are picnic areas nearby. Ask us for assistance.

  • Inside the orchard: No ice-chests, backpacks, chairs or tables allowed 

  • Pets: ONLY service dogs are allowed, per county regulations.

  • Kids: Please be sure to keep your children close by at all times.

  • Trash: Help us keep the orchard beautiful and clean up after yourself and your kids. There are trash cans throughout the orchard.

  • Only pick what you intend to purchase! 

  • Miscellaneous: No Smoking, No Drugs, No Alcohol 

  • HAVE FUN AND ENJOY YOUR DELICIOUS CHERRIES! We hope to see you again next year!!